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The Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages

Room 307                       tel:   266-81-76

Head of the Department - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences - N.K. Tambovtseva

The main research fields of the Department:

- Lingvo-cultural and semantic aspects of the process of language and speech units learning.

-  Development of foreign language teachers’ professional competence.

Our university attracts qualified teachers and lectures that possess profound knowledge and wide work experience in different educational establishments. Our department consists of leading scholars and teachers from Chelyabinsk insitiutions of higher education. Most of our teachers take language training courses in English speaking countries, which allow them to deliver high quality educational standards with the help of the latest achievements of domestic and foreign theory and practice of foreign language teaching.

The staff of the Department regularly receives grants from well-known foreign funds and organizations such as Fulbright, Oxford-Russia Fund, Fintra, GfDS etc. Our teachers and students take part in the work of Research Laboratory of Linguistics and Pedagogical Innovations Laboratory.

Our Department specialists run a Section for International Cooperation in Education and training. The Department of Foreign Languages students have an opportunity to study or continue their studies in foreign countries (the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany).

 Faculty staff

E.B. Bystrai, Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

N.K. Tambovtseva, the Head of the Department, the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

S.L. Gisatulin, Senior Lecturer

S.Y. Tukhvatullina, Senior Lecturer, Scientific Degree Candidate

N.V. Alekina, Senior Lecturer, Scientific Degree Candidate

M.V. Garshina, Senior Lecturer