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In URAE research work is carried out in 8 departments: Economics and Business Administration, Finance and Credit, Public Relations, Civil Law and Trial, Criminal Law and Trial, Foreign Languages, Liberal Arts, Social and Clinical Psychology.

The following laboratories are available in our branch: Laboratory of Practical Psychology, Medical-biological Problems, Criminal Science, Linguistics, Merchandising and Commodity Examination. 3 computer workrooms are fully equipped.

In 2008 the Department of Social and Clinical Psychology concentrated all its efforts on research dedicated to the practical psychology of personality. URAE established business relations with almost every Chelyabinsk’s institute of higher education, which have Psychology Majors, such as South Ural State University (SUSU), Chelyabinsk State University (CSU), Chelyabinsk Arts Institute and others. Every participant benefited greatly from this exchange of experience. Butorin, Doctor of Psychology, visited the universities listed above. He acted as an expert on licensing of education programs, member and chairman of State Certification Committee. The Department’s professors participated in international, Russian national and regional conferences and seminars; they published the results of research in collections of scientific works.

It’s impossible not to mention unassisted research work carried out by students. An event dedicated to social psychology was held - the competition and exhibition of creative and applied projects. Scientific research of one of the participants took a prize-winning place. For her supervision of Vetkina’s research work, Bystrushkina (Candidate of Psychology, Associate Professor of the Department of Social and Clinical Psychology) was awarded with a letter of commendation.

Regional contest for pupils was held. It’s dedicated to stress psychology and celebrated 100 years since the renowned scientist and psychophysiologist Hans Selye was born. About 150 pupils from Chelyabinsk and Chelyabinsk region participated in this event. Psychology subgroup of Ural Regional Conference for young researchers “Intellectuals of XXI century” carried out its work impeccably as well.

The association agreement between URAE and EMERCOM of Russian (Chelyabinsk region) was signed. According to the terms of the agreement, URAE created and trained the first in the region rescue party, consisting of psychologists from the university.

25 reports were published in collections of works from international, Russian and regional conferences, as well as in collections of research works.

The work of Laboratory of Psychology and Laboratory of Medical-biological Problems is continued. Students have periods and carry out practical research in the laboratories.

9 professors of the department raised their proficiency. 7 professors underwent training in Ural State Medical Academy (USMA).

The agreement with Chelyabinsk Regional Centre of Social Protection “Family” was extended. Students undergo training courses, raise their skills and carry out all kinds of practical assignments working as volunteers in hot-line service. In spring the university signed the association agreement with Laboratory of Psychophysiological Support belonging to Ural Railways.

The main scientific goals of the Department of Public Relations are the following: establishment of business relations, PR-technologies in politics, integrated marketing communication, methodological aspects of teaching of the specialty’s subjects, consulting activities. The main themes of research works of the department’s staff are the following: adoption of integrated marketing technologies in different spheres of society (Tseunov K.S.), business and social relations (Zhuravlev V.V.), efficiency of electoral technologies on the federal and regional levels (Grischenko A.V.), representation of fantastic imagery in the context of modern times, mythology in designs of different brands (Trushnikova E.L.).

Interdisciplinary examination on specialty, as well as writing and defence of a graduation project act as a proficiency test for graduates of “Public Relations” major.

Since September 2008 the department carries out preparations for the final assessment of graduates. Preparations include a wide range of components such as:

1. Student chooses a theme for a thesis and a thesis adviser.

2. Graduates are given guidance on writing and defence of thesis.

Theses’ themes should be aimed on study and development of the following aspects:

development of intercorporate organizational relations;

social-economic problems of the country, region, city;

international relations;

processes and phenomena of political and international life;

formation and development of integral social, economic, ecological and cultural information space;

communication flow;

integrated marketing communication;

information support of internal and external politics of organization;

formation of public opinion in the country and abroad;

new technologies in the area of public relations.

Students with major in public relations participated in interuniversity scientific PR conference held by SUSU and in the 7th All-Russian Congress “Public relations and advertising: theory and practice” held by SUSU as well. In December the university presented a highly successful project on the All-Russian Student Conference in Sankt-Petersburg.

Financial and economic regional development became the main goal of the department of economics and business. The staff concentrates its research on the following themes: formation of economic organizational strategy in the market (Biryukova T.A.); assessment of economic efficiency of organization’s work (Lysenko M.V.); financial mechanism of economic development (Kaspert I.G., Dovbiy I.P.); contemporary methods of accounting (Emelyanova N.A., Zhdanove S.I.).

Research work of the department of foreign languages is concentrated on 3 main areas: contemporary problems of language theory (linguistic, cultural and semantical aspects of studying of linguistic and voice units); contemporary problems of pedagogics in higher school (conditioning professional competence in future specialists); actual questions of teaching of foreign languages; problems of conditioning of professional competency in teachers of foreign languages. In this year the department continued its cooperation with Oxford-Russia Fund, which works on a new project helping teachers with studying contemporary English literature in original. Within the framework of this project professors as well as students are urged to write reviews on principal literary works published after 1980.

The main areas of the department’s research work are pedagogics (Borovikova Zh. N., Gertner S.V.), philology (Demidov O.V., Gorpinyak P. Ya., Kunygina O.V., Polushkin A.S.), history (Zhorov E.A.), philosophy (Ermakov V.I., Trophimenko V.V.).

The main theme for the researchers from the Department of Law is the problems of criminal law (Garbatovich D.A., Khashimov A.A.). Voropanov V.A. works on the paper on “Judicial system of Russian Empire”. Malyavina N.B. defended a thesis of Candidate of  Law Science on “Administrative procedures as means of  opposition to corruption in public authorities”.

Students of URAE participate in the work of international, all-Russian, regional, interuniversity and university conferences, seminars, round table conferences. Every year the university holds a competition for the best student project – the interuniversity scientific conference for students “Prostranstvo obschestvennoy zhizni”. 3 collections with works from the conferences held by URAE were published.

Students participate in URAE’s contests of research works and student projects held by Moscow branch, as well as in open contests held according to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Chelyabinsk region. In 2008 3 students won grants from the Ministry of Education and Science of Chelyabinsk region. Among the participants of the 7th All-Russian Contest of Development of National Economy (held by the Youth Union of economic and financial experts of Russian Federation), 3 students from URAE took the 4th place and were awarded with one special prize for their methodological approach to research.